Welcome to Miele Concrete + Design, an exciting resource for property owners and the design and building industries.  We specialize in artful concrete commissions such as cast concrete counter tops and furniture to concrete overlays.  We also provide interior design services, centered on kitchen and bath.  We have our own beautiful custom line of cabinetry which utilizes reclaimed lumber and top of the line construction.  Whether you are searching for standard concrete sink,  a completely custom concrete counter top, or in depth design work, we're a must stop shop.  Call ahead to visit our showroom or to set up your free consultation today. Incredible design and craftsmanship are easier to reach than you think!

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At Miele Concrete + Design, we take considerable pride in our design skills as well as our technical knowledge in the building trades.  We believe to excel in one aspect, one must also excel in the other.  This blend of knowledge induces better communication among client, designer, and contractor.  It also strikes a beautiful balance between conceptual creativity and buildable projects.  We have the ability to speak in a manner in which the contractor and the clients can understand.  Our company culture revolves around family - ours and yours.  We aim to make every client comfortable with us, remaining beside them every step of their journey and addressing any concerns promptly and with respect.  We let the values of family, safety, comfort, and environmental responsibility guide our designs.